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Bitcoin double spend are rapidly gaining their popularity on the Internet. They are often written in SEO blogs, forums, and at the end of December 2013 they were talked about on television. Since I am an investor in my life, I could not pass by such a promising topic and decided to write my own series of articles all about Bitcoins.

The most popular cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — continues to remain in the spotlight, but more recently as an occasion for disappointment. The slightest fluctuations in the course are still reflected in the informational tapes of many media. But often on these tapes it is impossible to understand what is happening. In the morning there may be messages that bitcoin is growing, and for dinner — what is falling. In the evening, the trend may change again. And each message is sometimes accompanied by desperate forecasts in the spirit of «everything is lost», then confident comments «he will show everyone what he can do.»

Bitcoin double spend is an electronic payment system in which virtual “money” (bitcoins) circulate. Do you have a VISA or Mastercard? Both Visa and Mastercard are also electronic payment systems. However, they use the usual currency — dollars, euros, hryvnias, rubles, and all transactions go through bank processing. Such currencies are called fiat. The Bitcoin system uses a cryptocurrency — a purely digital currency that is not tied to any world bank or economy of any country. It has its own value (rate), which is forming against the background of demand.

Jumps of the “independent” rate, i.e. the “unregulated” virtual currency, are normal, experts say. Nevertheless, if you look at the chart for a more or less long period of time, you have to admit: Bitcoin shows a strong tendency to depreciation.

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